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We are providing good and best Landscaping services to our valuable customers UA BONSAI.

Starting from secondary school, i began to love reading books related to bonsai. I will revel in it and was deeply attracted by each bonsai art works. Each bonsai expresses the nature of different attitude and its unique artistic beauty and color.

With the prosperity and progress of the society, work pressure and the air pollution increase people desire for green especially. People began loving use bonsai to decorate the house’s surrounding. It neither only greening the environment, but also can let us relieve work pressure. The bonsai on the market are mostly direct straight style and quite difficult to find the favourite tree. Therefore, I started cultivating seedlings and potted plant design in year 2006. In order to create a unique tree, all the bonsai start tying the design until the desired height since they are small seedlings.

Currently, our garden cultivate the Juniperus Chinensis, and Podocarpus Costalis. There are thousands of trees in the garden, and can be divided into the bonsai and large courtyard tree.

In the future I will continue priority cultivate cypress and pine tree, strive to create a different form of the tree, in order to cater to the needs of the consumers.



目前园子里培植中的种类有:柏类 (真柏 Juniperus Chinensis) ,松类 (兰屿罗汉松Podocarpus costalis),数量有几千棵,可分为盆栽与超大型庭院树形。 未来我还会持续不断地以培植柏松为主,并努力创造出不同树的形态,以便迎合消费者的需求。

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